Definition of “common sense”

As a follow-up to this post a couple weeks ago, we now know what Adam Haber’s definition of “common sense” gun control is:

“… The gun control plan revives a long-sought and at-times dormant issue raised by Senate Democrats: the microstamping of bullets, a bill that has been opposed by Senate Republicans over the years and was not included in the otherwise all-inclusive SAFE Act. At the same time, Haber is backing a bill known as Nicholas’s Law that would requite the storage of a firearm in a locked safe. And Haber wants to block those on the federal no-fly list from receiving a license for a firearm …”

Did Haber think these things up himself or did he get help from someone?

“… As State Senator, I will always choose the safety of our children and communities over pandering to extremists like the NRA and corporate gun lobby …”

“Corporate gun lobby” is a phrase Leah Gunn Barrett like to use so I’ll guess her or another rep. from NYAGV wrote up his agenda and press statement.

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