Chris Cox’s RNC speech

Here is Chris Cox’s speech from last night:

His 40 years remarks are a GOP talking point. See this interview by Mike Gallagher of Reince Priebus for more.

I would not have gone that way. Instead, I would have highlighted Mike Pence’s 2A record.

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One thought on “Chris Cox’s RNC speech

  1. Manhasset Times now reports that in a town hall with Martins and Suozzi, Jack Martins is promoting his ability to work “across the aisle”, citing the “common sense” SAFE ACT HE VOTED FOR as an example. They actually said that there is not a whole lot of difference between the two. I pegged that piece of shit the day he stepped into that office. I wrote Tom and said that POS is gonna stab us in the back first chance. We are trying to primary him and he is fighting us in court. If we win, GO OUT AND VOTE AGAINST POS MARTINS!

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