Not seeing it

According to Newt Gingrich:

“… “If we carry New York by the margin we should, we will have changed American history,” Gingrich said at a breakfast gathering of the New York Republican delegation in downtown Cleveland …”

I’m not seeing New York turning red.  There are about 5.8 million registered Democrats in the state compared with 2.7 million Republicans, 2.4 million unaffiliated and another half million or so registered in minor parties.

“… “New York is in play,” said Rep. Chris Collins, who has a speaking slot on Tuesday at the convention’s main stage. “New York would be one of the tougher states to win. It comes down to the four boroughs, because he’s going to win Staten Island.” …”

Back that statement up.  I have not seen any evidence of this.  Even with relatively high turnout in the Nassau special election, the Republicans blew it.

The state GOP is in shambles.  Where is their GOTV organization?  Western NY?  The political center of gravity is New York City and the suburbs, not Buffalo.

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3 thoughts on “Not seeing it

  1. BTW, Sheriff David Clark is the best guy in the country right now bar nobody. Hope he will one day run!

  2. New York doesn’t have to turn red, it just has to turn Trump, and he is a native New Yorker, unlike the itinerant Hildebeast.
    New York has a dog in the race, but it’s not Hillary. Trump already has upstate, but he could take the city too. That makes NY Dems nervous.

  3. Trump would need to win all the Reps. and all the Inds. He doesn’t even have all the Reps. behind him.

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