The root of the GOP’s Trump problem

I admit that early on I did not take Donald Trump’s candidacy seriously.  The reason is simple:  The man is a gigantic clownstick.

Given the sheer volume of crap that could be used against him I assumed he would be taken out early on by the party machine.  That obviously did not happen.  I could not pin down the why.

Now the truth comes out:  None of the remaining candidates did serious opposition research on Trump.


There is still time to act.  It is just a matter of one (or more) of the remaining candidates having the cajones to act, launch a full frontal attack on him, ignore the critics, and not stop until the majority of the country look at Trump the way these Irish people do.


2 Responses to “The root of the GOP’s Trump problem”

  1. Em Says:

    The fact that he “is leading everywhere / beating everybody………” is an indictment of the Republican Party from top to bottom. There is no excuse, and given the stakes, it is a tragedy.

  2. Mark-1 Says:

    Too late, again, Young Jedi!!! With Christie just endorsing Trump today you’re watching the GOP Establishment surrender. Can’t believe how the Media and the Dems are going snake. Guess they’re saying Bye-bye to HRC and Team Obama Legacy.

    O, BTW. We all saw the next USAG at the press conference.

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