Excerpts from Cuomo’s second inaugural address

Some gun excerpts from Gov. Cuomo’s second inaugural address:

“… we made New York safer by passing sensible gun control … After Sandy Hook when we saw the massacre and we saw the children killed and we said, enough is enough with this lunacy of guns, and you needed a big state to pass sensible gun control who did it?  The State of New York did it.  We did it first.  That is who we are and that is what we come from …”

Um, no, we’re not actually safer:

“The number of shooting victims has skyrocketed across the city this year — up 43 percent in just the last month — while fewer guns are coming off the streets, NYPD statistics reveal … In the last month alone, 129 people were shot, according to the latest CompStat figures, or 43.3 percent more than for the same period last year.  Since January, there has been an overall 13.2 percent increase in shooting victims, while 10.2 percent fewer guns have been recovered compared to 2013 …”

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