Trying to change the subject

Predictably, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence would like to change the subject to gun control as well:

“… The gunman was a dangerous person who reportedly could not legally purchase or possess a firearm due to his criminal record.  Reports are that the silver semi-automatic Taurus handgun the shooter used to kill the police officers was purchased in 1996 at a pawn shop in Atlanta – but not by the shooter.  As the shooter could not legally possess a firearm, we urge authorities to determine how this dangerous individual acquired the firearm and hold the person or persons that supplied it accountable, as appropriate …”

Notice that nowhere in their presser do they say the killer was responsible for his actions.  They want to hold a 3rd party accountable.  This is part of their long standing attempts at holding gun dealers and manufacturers responsible for a 3rd party’s actions through strict liability.

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