Democrats angry at Cuomo

Democrats are angry at Governor Cuomo:

“… He faced a backlash from some angry Democrats who said Cuomo’s lack of campaigning for himself and others not only suppressed only his own voter totals but those of Democrats in races further down the ballot … Unlike other top Dems such as Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, Cuomo did not actively campaign for Democratic congressional or state Senate candidates.  He also alienated the Democrats’ traditional liberal base with his policies, which could have suppressed turnout, some Democrats said.  One source involved in the battle for control of the state Senate said the Cuomo camp dragged its feet when asked for things like an endorsement announcement or even something simple such as a candidate picture with the governor …”

There’s more:

“… Governor Andrew Cuomo is being blamed for staggering Democratic Party losses in the House of Representatives.  Despite the Governor fundraising upwards of $45 million for his own reelection campaign … his beleaguered fellow Democrats received minimal financial support from the Governor — and top party operatives in Washington, DC are rumored to be irate.  A full quarter of all Democratic Party losses in the House last night occurred in New York …”

Eventually there will be payback for this.

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