Election aftermath

The headline says it all, “Gov. Cuomo wins re-election but fails to get a mandate.”

While Rob Astorino lost,  much of that can be attributed to the lack of support by the GOP establishment many of whom were openly campaigning for Cuomo’s re-election.  Taken in total, gun control was a loser of an issue all across the state.  Here is the breakdown.

On Long Island:

In the Hudson Valley:

In the Capital District:

In the North Country:

In Central NY:

In Western NY:

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2 thoughts on “Election aftermath

  1. It doesn’t matter Jacob! Skelos is still here, Klien is still here and so is Cuomo. They will bring Safe Act 2 and 3 and 4 buy the time it’s election time again. Just becuase we have elected pro-gun senators, doesn’t mean they are not going to be affected by the staus quo or by threats from Skelos. This is still very bad for gun owners. They will reap what they sow now, I am living across the state line in VT…they are Liberal and Democrat but voted out there anti-gun senators…..go figure. NYC must be removed like the tumor it is or nothing will ever change. I guess all that can be done Jacob is hope for the best on the pending Lawsuits. With the change in the National Elections, at least Bloomberg has no standing for now.

  2. The governor’s race was another case of people sitting around complaining and then doing nothing. Assuming google is correct, there were less than 3.5 million votes cast for governor. Cuomo got 1.9 million to Astorino’s 1.4 million. United Gun Owners claims there are 6 million gun owners in NY. Forbes claims 1million became criminals with the (UN)SAFE Act. (I’m sure Jacob has better stats). While there is no doubt some gun owners voted for Cuomo, there is also no doubt that most stayed home and did not vote. By doing so, they supported Cuomo’s win. He didn’t have to win.

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