Little Andrew

Great article in the Post, “Our incredible shrinking New York governor“:

“… When the governor won election in 2010, he came to office with powerful prospects.  But now he’s apparently too weak to push through an education tax credit supported by majorities in both chambers of the state Legislature …”

Its Karma.

“… No doubt one big reason for Andrew’s cave-in is that he fears his left flank: the radical Working Families Party — and an obscure leftist professor named Zephyr Teachout, who’s challenging him in the Democratic primary …”

He wouldn’t have had to worry about this except he totally pissed off much of the state with his so-called SAFE Act.  The media won’t acknowledge it, but up until that point he was doing ok.  After that it was all down hill.

This also brings up what utter crap Siena polls are.  If Cuomo really had such good numbers then why can’t he motivate the legislature and why is he caving to the WFP?  I cannot be the only person who has noticed this.

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2 thoughts on “Little Andrew

  1. Jacob

    Any word on this, that Cuomo double-crossed the WFP with the just passed budget?? I will assume that this would be one of the many final nail’s in the coffin. Your thoughts please. Thanks!

  2. Of course Cuomo screwed them. He’s been doing it for years. That is the main reason they’re upset with him. They wanted tax hikes and all sorts of government spending.

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