Herkimer Co. opposes gun bills

The Herkimer County legislature passed a resolution in opposition to antigun legislation in Albany.  From the Evening Times, “HC Legislature wants to protect its interests“:

“The Herkimer County Legislature, hoping to protect its interests on a range of issues, passed several resolutions Wednesday in opposition of state legislation. Legislators by a 13-0 margin voted to urge state lawmakers to take action on initiatives related to everything from silencers on sniper rifles to audits on Medicaid … Urging the state legislature to oppose the passage of 2010 gun control laws: The state legislature is planning passage of gun control laws that, in addition to placing new restrictions on sale of firearms, could impact gun manufacturers, according to the resolution. Chairman Raymond Smith, R-Dolgeville, said the proposed bills would also outlaw manufacturing of firearm “suppressers,” or silencers, in New York state. And this restriction could harm the Remington Arms plant in Ilion, he added. Remington Arms, which is one of the largest employers in Herkimer County, is involved in manufacturing firearms for the U.S. military. The plant, among other projects, is competitive for contracts to produce sniper rifles, and the inability to manufacture silencers for the rifles could cause problems, county officials said …”