The Daily News continues to try and pump up gun control, claiming Democrats are happy with Bloomberg’s money dump:

“Anxious Senate Democrats quietly celebrated former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement this week that he plans to spend $50 million this year to build a grass-roots network pushing for new gun controls.  “If he is successful, the people he will motivate to vote are extremely likely to vote for Democrats, period, end of story,” said one senior Senate Democratic aide.  “It could help drive Democratic turnout,” said another national Democratic strategist …”

Nobody believes this which is why all the sources do not want their names used.  Are Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin dancing a jig over this?  No.

“… The goal is to attract 2.5 million supporters, many of them women, who would then be motivated to go to the polls.  Those pro-gun control voters are sure to be overwhelmingly Democratic, political strategists and aides said, boosting all Democratic candidates …”

If Democrats really believed the antis could motivate people to vote based on their issues they would not have blocked legislation in the Senate last year.

“… Democrats say the new spending effort will help far more than it might hurt …”

And this is based upon what?  Past history proves gun control is not a winning issue.

“… Another reason Democrats are pleased: Bloomberg’s effort dovetails with their goal of focusing on female voters …”

This is more of the bogus “war on women” crap leftists have been pushing as of late.

“… Shannon Watts, who heads Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America, said she hopes to make gun control as potent an issue as abortion rights among female voters …”

Why?  Because women are dumber than men?

“… Gun groups quickly ripped Bloomberg’s move …”

More like laughed out loud.  We’ve seen all this before.  It is just another astroturfing effort.

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