Leftist Cuomo hatefest

Fred Dicker kicks off the latest Cuomo hatefest, “Dems won’t support Cuomo for president in 2016: sources“:

Gov. Cuomo, long known for his presidential aspirations, won’t enjoy the support of his own Democratic Party if Hillary Rodham Clinton decides not to run for president in 2016, top state Democrats have told The Post.  The Democrats said Cuomo’s worsening relations with his party have led many to look elsewhere for a presidential standard bearer, should Clinton not run … “People don’t like Andrew Cuomo, and if you ask about the presidency, there’s no support there,’’ a prominent Democratic activist and party official told The Post …”

Then Teri Weaver makes it worse, “A liberal candidate could draw votes away from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, poll finds“:

“About one quarter of New York voters would vote for a liberal, union-backed candidate over Gov. Andrew Cuomo in this fall’s election, according to a new poll out from Siena College Research Institute. Cuomo, a Democrat expected to run for a second term, still holds a 2-to-1 lead over Republican challenger Rob Astorino, the Siena poll found. But if a Working Families Party candidate enters the race, 24 percent of voters polled said they’d back the third-party candidate over the current governor …”

As I said previous, only ones who like Andrew are the Senate Republicans and GOP party hacks on Long Island.

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