NRA’s Cuomo ad

I found one of NRA’s Cuomo ads running on  Below is a screen grab.  Clicking on it takes you to

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Marty’s reward

Senator Marty Golden is one of the chicken-shit RINOs who voted for the SAFE Act.

So, what does New Yorkers Against Gun Violence do to repay him?  They endorse his opponent:

“… New Yorkers Against Gun Violence announced today its endorsement of James Kemmerer for New York State Senate (District 22).  Leah Gunn Barrett, NYAGV Executive Director, said, “We are proud to endorse James Kemmerer for State Senate. James will work for common sense approaches to protect New Yorkers from gun violence such as smart gun technology and a Child Access Prevention Law to keep our kids safe from guns in the home. He will also work to pass microstamping, “DNA for guns,” that will help law enforcement solve gun crimes.”  Barrett added, “Like us, James Kemmerer knows that smart gun laws save lives which is why New York has the fourth lowest gun death rate in the nation. We look forward to working with him in the upcoming legislative session to continue the tremendous progress our state has made to protect New Yorkers from the preventable scourge of gun violence.” …”

This isn’t the first time they have done this to Republican Senators who supported their agenda either.  Marty, like the others, were too arrogant and stupid to learn from it.

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NRA internet ads

A little more info:

“… State Board of Elections records show the NRA’s political action committee spent $104,618 earlier this week on the ads, though the filing doesn’t include details about when are where those ads will run …”

I have not seen any such ads.

I did get an orange postcard in today’s mail.

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NRA ad buy

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Cuomo’s SAFE ad

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Will SAFE be a factor in elections?

Some in the media are beginning to ponder if SAFE will be a factor in the elections.

From the Legislative Gazette, “Will SAFE Act Abe a factor in Senate elections?

“Several upstate Senate elections are being heavily influenced by candidates’ positions on the SAFE Act, according to political experts … according to Grant Reeher, director of the Alan K. Campbell Public Affairs Institute at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, upstate residents who oppose the SAFE Act are far more politically invigorated than those that support it, which could be a factor on Nov. 4.  “I think it’s one of those things where the passion is more on the negative side,” said Reeher, who noted the Siena poll does not reflect how many SAFE Act opponents will be motivated to go to the polls with this issue on their minds.  “There will be a group of dedicated outdoors persons and shooting enthusiasts…they’re going to come in and vote on [the basis of] this law.” …”

From the Times-Union, “Will SAFE Act affect DA races?

“Republicans believe opposition to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act could increase voter turnout and make local Democratic candidates for district attorney vulnerable in November … “I hear it all the time out campaigning door to door, and it’s really not a party issue — it’s across the board,” said Joel Abelove, a Republican and attorney who is running for Rensselaer County district attorney … “They feel like their rights are being infringed upon,” Abelove said …”

It’s great the issue is getting some attention, better late than never, but they need to stop citing Siena polls.  Everybody knows they have a hard left bias.

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Work with sherrifs to repeal SAFE

Video from Chautauqua Co. Sheriff candidate Russell Payne. SAFE comes up at 0.44.

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Gun industry group weighs in on governor’s race

Sadly, it is in Connecticut, not New York despite the fact that we have Remington and Kimber here.

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