Majority Leader Schumer

The Politico ponders, “What if Reid loses?“:

“It’s a question few in the Senate will ask aloud but one that’s creeping into the chamber’s collective consciousness: What happens to Democrats if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid really does get knocked off in the 2010 midterm elections? …  The two men who would almost certainly battle to succeed Reid — Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Chuck Schumer of New York — are both more liberal and more forcefully partisan figures who would alter the Senate’s equilibrium in significant and unpredictable ways …”

I don’t know if that actually would have much affect on gun rights.  While we would trade an individual B+ Senator for an F rated one, I would guess the overall gun grade for the Senate will lean even more pro-gun after the ’10 elections because I’m expecting the Democrats to lose seats.  Schumer would be even more insufferable as Majority Leader, but I don’t see it as a disaster for gun rights.

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SCOTUS grants cert

The Supreme Court will hear the Chicago gun ban case to determine if the Heller decision should be incorporated to the states.

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Yassky eats it

David Yassky is a former staffer to Charles Schumer.  He’s the guy who actually wrote the Brady Bill.  He moved up to the City Council where he continued to push for more gun control like strict gun dealer liability.  Pat, Amy and Barry testified on behalf of NYSRPA in council hearings against these ideas.  Yassky himself defended them on NRA News.  Faced with term limits Yassky decided to run for City Comptroller.  He has no background related to finance so he based his campaign largely on his gun control record.  Both the Daily News and New York Times endorsed his campaign because of it.  New Yorkers Against Gun Violence founder Barbara Hohlt personally contributed to his campaign.  His advertisements loudly and proudly touted his work with Schumer.  Yassky thought it was funny we were telling people to vote against him:

… “This is a badge of honor for David, who has fought for tough gun control for years in order to protect New Yorkers.” …

What did this badge of honor get him in the primary?

He lost with 30% of the vote.

Unfortunately, it was a 4-way race and the winner came up just short of the 40% needed to prevent a runoff.  So Yassky advanced to round two anyway and we let fly a second GOTV mailing.  Now going mano-a-mano with John Liu, Democrats would have a clear choice between the gun control candidate and someone else in a citywide runoff.  Yassky had something Richard Aborn didn’t: an endorsement by Charles Schumer.

And what’s Schumer’s endorsement worth?

A double digit loss.  Yassky gets 44.3% to Liu’s 55.7%.

Since he had to give up his Council seat to run for Comptroller he’s got nowhere else to go so he’s outta here.  For the second time in as many weeks NYC Democrats have rejected the gun control candidate and their agenda and that will further marginalize the people and organizations who promoted them.

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Final Liu/Yassky poll

The polls are open across NYC and turnout look pitiful.  The final poll showed John Liu with 48%, David Yassky with 40% and 12% undecided.  Let’s hope Liu’s lead holds.

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Clinton remembers

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it:

Former President Bill Clinton predicts that Democrats won’t suffer the kind of political meltdown that hobbled his administration after the 1994 elections … he says Democrats have not taken on the gun lobby, which he blames for more than a dozen lost seats in 1994 …

They have not (yet) tried a frontal assault, but Obama has appointed antigunners to various positions within his administration as well as SCOTUS.

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Fundraiser success

Saturday’s 3rd Annual Sporting Clays PVF Fundraiser was a success.  We had more shooters than last year, Matinecock Rod & Gun Club sponsored two stations and several of their club members came to shoot as well.  In addition to the shotgun and ammo donated by Remington, Tom hooked up with a representative from Crimson Trace who donated a set of their laser grips.

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News of the day

Pete King introduced HR-2159 which would allow the Attorney General to arbitrarily deny 2nd Amendment rights to anyone the AG wants under the guise of preventing terrorism.  Carolyn McCarthy and Charlie Rangel are co-sponsors.

The Brady’s will be holding a fundraiser on October 6 in NYC. Cheap seats for their “Stand Up for a Safe America Gala” are only $250.

Nothing good will come of this.  Dick Nelson reports: “… the New York State Conservation Council held its annual fall conclave last weekend electing a slate of officers that brought a few familiar faces to the board … Howard Cushing — by way of not having another candidate — is back at the helm …”

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Bloomberg way ahead

Mayor Bloomberg holds a 52% – 36% lead over Democrat Bill Thompson according to the latest Quinnipiac poll.

He’s never going away.  I already saw talk of him running for a 4th term in 2013.

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Yassky’s “Better choice” ad

David Yassky’s attack ad mentions his Chuck Schumer & Times endorsements are based upon his gun control work.

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Latest Liu/Yassky polling

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows John Liu with 49% – 43% lead over David Yassky.  Turnout is critical.  Only about 11% of registered Democrats voted on the 15th and I expect it will be a little less on the 29th.  We can make a difference if our side shows up to vote.

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