Clinton remembers

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it:

Former President Bill Clinton predicts that Democrats won’t suffer the kind of political meltdown that hobbled his administration after the 1994 elections … he says Democrats have not taken on the gun lobby, which he blames for more than a dozen lost seats in 1994 …

They have not (yet) tried a frontal assault, but Obama has appointed antigunners to various positions within his administration as well as SCOTUS.

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2 thoughts on “Clinton remembers

  1. “Clinton suggests that’s wishful thinking by the GOP.”

    I’d suggest that’s wishful thinking by Slick Willie. He’s ever on the con, isn’t he?
    I can just hear it now, “You don’t need to be payin’ no ‘tention to them protest people in the streets! Why, them tea partyin’ people, why, they was just thirsty fer some tea was all that was goin’ on there. That’s all there was to it. Just thirsty fer them to drink them some tea was all.”
    I predict that the day after Election Day, Slick Willie will be partying in Aruba with some bimbo. It’s called “accountability”.

  2. Right now, I think there’s going to be an Obama backlash but guns will be secondary to health care & economic issues. However, the way Obama is conducting himself, who knows?

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