Still more Democrat problems for Cuomo

It needs to be said again, Governor Cuomo has problems with Democrats:

“More than 100 state committee members of the Working Families Party participated in a hastily organized conference call last night to discuss the possibility of not endorsing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election bid this fall …”

Don’t they realize Cuomo is a national leader on gun control?

“… Cuomo has deliberately staked out territory as a centrist … He has offset this approach with victories on … gun control, but that doesn’t appear to be enough to appease the liberal wing of his party …”

This shows how unpopular gun control has become of an issue for leftists, something Cuomo had to have done research on for his presidential aspirations but for whatever reason chose to ignore prior to pushing SAFE.  They may support it in principle, but the issue doesn’t have a constituency which will back up their position with money/votes at election time.

With this in mind, what has SAFE gotten for the Governor?  Despite biased polling, from the left he’s gotten nothing.  From the right, it’s a negative.

9 thoughts on “Still more Democrat problems for Cuomo

  1. I read this little story and fail to see how this could be touted that cuomo has problems with democrats. 100 communists organized a call complaining cuomo is a centrist is something we should get excited about???? That’s how low the bar has been set for our hopes? Waste is time reading that story.

  2. Either way it means nothing on the national stage; Andy has already absolutely ruined any chance he ever had at the oval office in DC. Hopefully the people of New York don’t give him an opportunity to run them further into the ground for the next four years!

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