Katie Couric interviews Bloomberg

The detestable Katie Couric (whose mummification process looks to be coming along nicely) interviews the even more detestable Michael Bloomberg on his legacy as Da Mayor.

On the topic of guns:

Some highlights:

“… Asked if he could outspend the National Rifle Association and other opponents of gun control measures, Bloomberg casually replied, “Oh sure.” But then added, “I’m not the only funder of this.” …”

True, he’s got the cash, but what he doesn’t have is genuine public support. That’s why after spending tens of millions of dollars over the years Congress blew him off. If Couric had any journalistic objectivity left she should have asked him why, if he’s got more cash and public support than NRA, did he lose?

7 Responses to “Katie Couric interviews Bloomberg”

  1. Loren Littlejohn Says:

    I can’t even watch that. The collective intelligence is to lacking.

  2. John Osadnick Says:

    See you next Tuesday 🙂

  3. Ben Ali Says:

    Mummification process…hilarious

  4. Phil Poste Sr. Says:

    it would be so great if he was as smart as he is rich!

  5. Ed Caro Says:

    Maybe she should have asked why mayors have been jumping ship from MAIG.

  6. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Of course he’s not the only funder. There’s Soros, and the Gifford’s millionaire backer, and at least a dozen other 0.1%-ers.

    That counts as “popular support right? 😉

  7. Dennis Cleveland Says:

    The blind leading the blind, now where is that damn pit?

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