Cuomo trying to buy gun votes

Andy is trying to buy back some gun votes with grant money:

“… Governor Cuomo is announcing over $130,000 being given out to shooting ranges.  The money comes as part of the “New York Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative”. One hundred thirty five thousand dollars in grants will be going to 13 shooting ranges, including $6,700 to the Lima Gun Club in Livingston County …”

The local FNRA gives out more money each year to clubs than this.  This is a pathetic attempt to buy back some gun votes he lost because of SAFE.

BTW, what else is he spending money on?

“… Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $137.2 billion budget proposal includes an additional $3.2 million for personnel costs related to the SAFE Act, according to the head of the state police …”

2 thoughts on “Cuomo trying to buy gun votes

  1. take the money and spend it to defeat all anti gun bills and the politicians that voted for them….its tax money anyway …imho

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