Ed Cox waking up?

It was my belief that Ed Cox planned on ignoring gun issues for the ’14 elections and would have candidates focus solely on economics.  Is he reconsidering that position?

State Republican Party Chair Ed Cox has a message for his partisans: Don’t let Gov. Andrew Cuomo or his minions “strong-arm” you into endorsing him.  According to an accompanying release, Cox put his thoughts into a letter sent “to Republicans who are being targeted and pressured by Andrew Cuomo to endorse him in 2014 …” … In a cynical political maneuver to become the first executive in America to pass gun control in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, Andrew Cuomo forced through the legislature in the middle of the night a gun law that was so flawed that it technically turned all of our law enforcement officers into criminals …”

Perhaps he’s been reading the newspaper:

” … over the last year, and especially in the past two weeks, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has made it a point to pay special attention to the Adirondacks and the north country … If there ever was a governor intent on wooing the north country, it appears to be Gov. Cuomo.  But for many north country voters, that romance already may be dead … In January 2013, the state Legislature passed a series of strict gun control laws known as the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act … To say that the law met with criticism in the north country would be a major understatement … no amount of tax-cutting or economic proposals are going to change the minds of those voters when they enter the booth in November, Mr. Chartock said.  The most politically salient point in upstate New York?  “It’s guns number one, not taxes,” Mr. Chartock said …”

The anger over SAFE is hardly confined to “upstate”  as we saw in last years elections in Westchester and Nassau.  Nonetheless, this is a big admission from a guy like Alan Chartock who still hopes for the second coming of Mario Cuomo.

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