John Stossel rejected for NYC pistol license

One thought on “John Stossel rejected for NYC pistol license

  1. There is no doubt that by the nature of his work, a political commentator, there are people all over the place who want to do him harm. This is not just a little nobody like me who could concievably say that because I write these little blogs, I got a threatening call and I want a full carry. This guy IS ON TV, everybody knows him, the threats are countless, documented, and undeniable. Could it be his particular politics, inconsistent with the teachings of Karl Marx as a fundamental requirement of being a NYC intelligencia? Nahh, there is no corruption in NYC. Never was. I wonder if Alec Baldwin has a full NYC carry. Could we find that out? That would really be interesting because the man is obviously a full out dangerous, raging, violent psycho. If he did not have the reasources that he has, and the treatments and meds that he probably is getting, I fully believe that he would have become infamous long ago.

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