New York is Open for Business

Nearly three weeks after sending out a press release, one downstate media outlet finally picked up on the fact that SAFE is bad for New York businesses:

Gov. Cuomo’s tough new gun law has put a target on the state’s gun makers.  Cities, counties and states from across the country have been making lucrative pitches to New York’s firearms companies, urging them to relocate. Their argument: They have a gun-friendly atmosphere, and New York does not.  “They receive solicitations . . . on almost a daily basis,” said Lawrence Kean, senior vice president and general counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade group.  “CEOs have told me they could basically move their factories for free.” … Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, said New York’s gun industry is teetering and any new laws, especially a bill favored by Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg to require the microstamping of all bullets, so the bullets could be traced to their original owners, could spell the end …”

Cuomo has been touting this “New York is Open for Business” crap and it is high time the media start questioning him on that issue as well as guns.

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4 thoughts on “New York is Open for Business

  1. Microstamping still on the agenda after all this? That is an effective outlawing of all semi handguns as we all know. These people are on an all out rampaging war against 2A in NY. After all of this, still not a mention, even from the repubs, of a 3, or even 5, or maybe even a 50 time career crimminal loser law. That would be racist, hate, attacking people and not problems …… So will the repubs stay on the defensive, sell us down the tubes, and slink away like they did last year? What a fucking disgrace. I would not be able to live with myself.

  2. This Schimel idiot has been on this since before she got popped in first grade. I know her well because she is an archtype of everybody (except me of course) in my family. This is all emotion and no logic. Logically, how many legally owned handguns in NY are used in crime? It is probably in the mathematical limit as the percent approaches zero, even less then semi auto rifles which might be higher by a mathematical “small epsilon”. The whole fucking discussion is retarded so lets not waste our time and hurt our selves in a search for logic. It is not there. But I know the emotion well, and as she well knows, it resonates with her constituency in Great Neck and Port Washington. In a nutshell, they see gun people (us) as nazis, or nazi personalities. She and her minion, have a seething hatred for us (completely irrational), and it is nothing more than a personal animosity and a “watch me go after them and get them”. There is no utility. It really is, quite ironicaly, just hate filled venom for us, which is politically correct and OK with everybody. I have never written her, and I wont because not only would it be useless, but it would be beneath my dignity.

  3. For those of you not familiar, this may sound made up or such, but it is not. I lived it. To get a view of it as a cultural norm, there are a couple of old Woody Allen movies where he makes reference to the NRA, and other group stereotypes that are representative of his view. In humor, there is a “license” to speak of truths that would otherwise be so outrageous, in a serious context, that they could not be addressed. All this being said, America’s greatness is based, among all the other things, that we do not have institutionalized racism, and G-d forbid that day comes. There are great people in every demographic, i.e. The Great One Mark Levin, of who I am so proud. But I believe that frank discussions about race, religion, and the great divides will have to be addressed in America with a goal of ending up with one country as opposed to the present Balkanized fragments that all pull in separate directions.

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