Delaware Co. opposes antigun bills

The Delaware Co. legislature passed a resolution in opposition to the annual NYAGV package the Assembly brings up every year.  From the Daily Star:

“… Delhi Supervisor Peter Bracci presented a resolution opposing bills passed in the state Assembly that he said would have a detrimental effect on hunters, sportsmen and legal gun owners and would curtail rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The list included 11 bills that include provisions requiring the renewal of firearms licenses after five years, stringent restrictions on firearms dealers, new training requirements, banning the sale of weapons that are .50-caliber or larger, and others … “I was in law enforcement for 38 years and none of these laws would do anything to reduce crime,” Bracci said … Middletown Supervisor Len Utter said, “This is probably the most important resolution we will pass in a long time. There is a movement in our country to dismantle the Constitution and this is just one step.” …”

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