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The Washington Times has a good article on the decision Gov. Brown has to make:

“A stack of a dozen of the strictest gun control bills in American history now sit on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk in California, awaiting their fate … Fair warning to Jerry Brown: if he throws his weight behind this extreme gun control, there is no doubt in my mind he suffer the same fate as two other popular Democrat governors in similar blue states.  In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s approval ratings fell 15 points after he signed gun bills into law this year … In Colorado, another Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper has seen his approval ratings plummet 16 points since the day he signed that state’s gun laws.  Not only have they impacted the Governor’s popularity, but Colorado’s gun bills were the catalyst behind the State’s recent historic Recall elections …”

This is true.  What the author left out, but should have included, is the fallout Gov. Christie has experienced since vetoing a bunch of crap in New Jersey.  As far as I can tell it’s been bupkis.

In spite of this, I believe Brown will sign the majority of the bills.  Unlike Cuomo, Brown seems to have gotten the hint he is not Presidential material so he does not have much to lose by going along with the legislature.

2 thoughts on “Follow the leader

  1. This asshole “Governor Moonbeam” is an aging pot and pill head hippy fraud from the 60s. I hated the scumbags back then (I was in high school), and I hate them more now. I knew what would happen when they came of age. I divided them into the frauds (the leaders), and the dupes (the followers). They were a big fucking joke back then that matured into a tragedy that has destroyed this formerly great nation. Who knows what the stupid bastard will be on or what kind of an acid flashback will drive his decision on these bills. But the worry that I have is that it could impact us negatively, because SCOTUS seems to keep their rulings as vague as possible, and if they take that case, and not ours, we could still be left with a vague ruling that may or may not help us. Specifically, what if they rule along something like you cannot outlaw semi-autos with a detachable mag? What will that mean to us? I dunno – I am not a lawyer. Just a thought.

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