Lack of emotionalism didn’t sink gun control bill

An op-ed from Newsbusters, “Slate Says Lack Of Emotionalism Sunk Gun Control Bill“:

“As the six-month half-anniversary of Newtown was observed, some families of the victims are renewing their push for more gun control measures and liberal scribes in the media are on board, hoping to help the cause by lambasting gun rights advocates in print.  Take Justin Peters of Slate, who dismisses gun rights advocates as full of “inarticulate rage” before suggesting that gun control pushers need to hulk out by tapping into their own inner, righteous rage …”

That isn’t the problem.  Peters is recycling the same line some people at the Center for America Progress came up with over a month ago to try and explain their loss.

As I said before, the antis are full of emotionalism.  They’re also batshit nuts.  There aren’t very many of them either.  The gun control agenda is largely controlled by professional politicians and activists with negligible real public support.  These two facts, coupled with increasingly activist gun owners, are the reason the antis failed in Congress.