Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance

Yet another astroturf effort, “Hunters’ group tries to chart new course on guns“:

“Gaspar Perricone got a child-size .22-caliber rifle for his first birthday.  In high school, he went duck hunting before class and stowed his shotgun in his pickup.  Then he went to work for a Democratic U.S. senator and formed a group to promote hunting and fishing issues …”

Right off the bat, this is a red flag.

“… The group Perricone co-founded with another former aide to Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, The Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance, took the unusual step this month of releasing a poll that showed wide support among hunters for universal background checks …”

Democrat party functionaries release a poll showing support for Democrat proposals.  Shocking!

“… Perricone followed up with a piece in the Washington-based publication Politico arguing for such a plan.  And he met with President Barack Obama during the Democrat’s trip to Denver this month to promote Colorado’s state-level gun-control initiatives …”

Democrat party functionaries meet with Democrat politicians to promote Democrat proposals.  Even more shocking!

“… “We are pro-gun, there’s no two ways about that,” Perricone, 29, said recently in an interview, stressing that his group opposes bans on assault weapons or high-capacity magazines.  “But we’re also mothers and fathers. … We don’t want to see another Newtown.”…”

This is the same old I support the 2nd Amendment, but … line the antis have been using for years.  Can’t they come up with something new?

Notice, too, the typical leftist tactic of changing the subject.  Instead of explicitly stating he is for more gun control, Perricone changes the subject to something which sounds much less controversial, but which still implicitly advocates the original hardcore gun control position.

“… Perricone and [Tim] Mauck founded Bull Moose in February 2010.  Within months, its political wing spent $117,000 to help Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet in Colorado fend off a Republican challenger in November … The group spent $17,000 helping Democrat Martin Heinrich win a Senate seat in New Mexico last year … Some gun enthusiasts have speculated that Bull Moose is simply a well-funded outfit that pretends to represent grass roots while pushing an agenda favored by its financial backers …”

No kidding.

As if all this wasn’t enough, BMSA is tied to the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership which was founded by a large grant from Pew Charitable Trusts.   TRCP had served as incubator for the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance which itself was founded in part to give political cover to pro-union, but often antigun, Democrat candidates.

How many more of these phony front groups do the antis have to create before it sinks in that gun owners ain’t buying any of this?

8 thoughts on “Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance

  1. Over the some 50 years I’ve been NRA and fighting this fight, this bullshit of a “progressive” alternative to the NRA has been tried at least 3 or 4 times. Its a crock of shit fraud with like 20 members – all commies – maybe even the same shitartists as the other attempts with a new name. It will disappear.

  2. “Gaspar Perricone got a child-size .22-caliber rifle for his first birthday.”
    I call BS right there. A .22 is too much rifle even for a 6 year-old.
    The phrase is “made up out of whole cloth.”

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