Why SEIU supports SAFE Act

Brain Lehrer interviewed SEIU 1199 President George Gresham on his radio program today on why the union is supporting the SAFE Act

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I give credit to Lehrer for asking if Gresham is doing this just for political purposes to solidify his relationship with (suck up to) Gov. Cuomo.  I call BS on Gresham’s answer, though.

8 thoughts on “Why SEIU supports SAFE Act

  1. Because half their New York membership has illegal guns. SEIU, especially 1199, is filled with thugs and skells. They also advocates using state worker pension funds to finance the Tappan Zee Bridge. Trumka…stay out of my pocket AND my state.

  2. you gotta love the stupidity of these people, they want big government to take the guns out of the homes of law abiding citizens, then complain when said government stops and frisks them, if you’re giving more power to the government dont piss and moan when they abuse it.

  3. If George really cared about the gun violence in his communities, he should work to improve the standard of living, educational opportunities and to provide positive options to which young people will be attracted.
    repeal the SAFE Act NOW!!!

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