Gun Lobby 1, Unions 0

Gun lobby day is set for this Thursday in Albany and it looks like we’re going to have a good turnout which apparently has both Obama and Cuomo worried.  SEIU was planning on busing people in for a counter-protest, but that apparently has been called off.  According to Fred Dicker:

“… many opponents of Cuomo’s measure viewed the SEIU rally as an attempt to provoke a confrontation.  Most of SEIU’s membership is black and Hispanic, while most of the opponents of the Cuomo law are white.  Advocates on both sides of the issue were concerned that any confrontation would be seen as having racial overtones.  As word of the planned counter-rally spread, the Albany police and aides to Cuomo agreed there was the potential for a serious confrontation …”

While I believe there could have been some legitimate concerns over a confrontation, I do not agree at all with the racial aspects.  There are several other things working against a union protest which Fred doesn’t mention that likely had a lot more do with their decision to back off:

  1. Guns are not their issue.  While unions do have a proven ability to turn (paid) people out for collective bargaining and budget negotiations, there’s no government cheese on the table for RKBA issues.  Why should their members show up?
  2. Many union members are also gun owners.  There’s been blowback from them concerning using union dues to promote a non-union issue.
  3. Remington employees in Illion are represented by the United Mine Workers.  Was SEIU planning on protesting the UMWA?
  4. There are far more gun owners in the state than SEIU members and they would probably have been far outnumbered, thus making the union look weak and affecting their ability to lobby their real issues later on.

Instead, the Obama/Cuomo/antigun cabal are going for an old standby: celebrity astroturf.  According to the Daily News:

“A new coalition of activists, unions and celebrities has formed to hit back against the vocal opposition to Gov. Cuomo’s recently approved gun-reform law, sources told the Daily News … A series of public events are being planned across the Empire State to tout the advantages of the reform bill, which the Legislature approved last month.  Among the celebrities said to have joined the nascent effort are hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, actor Ed Norton and the Rev. Al Sharpton …”

Nobody is going to be impressed with those fools.  Worse (for them), is the more the public finds out about SAFE, the less they like it.  So more power to them.


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