Dissension in the NYSP ranks?

Some rumormongering on the gun boards regarding NYSP officer displeasure over the Safe Act:

“… Over 500 troopers called their union hall in the last 2 days.  Their collective message is NO!  If you do not speak out against this legislation or prove to us your working behind the scenes to undermine it, then we are collectively voting to with hold the political action fund and take you out of office as our reps.  All brought to you by vets in the ranks, who refuse to be involved in this unconstitutional parade at the risk of their jobs …”

Interesting if true, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

3 Responses to “Dissension in the NYSP ranks?”

  1. Em Says:

    HUGE THANKS TO THE GREAT NY TROOPERS!! BOORAHH!! (OK I’m a civillian – not sure of spelling or pronunciation)

  2. SayUncle » New York Troopers: Not supporting SAFE Says:

    […] Good for them […]

  3. Mike V. Says:

    All the local cops I know here in TN are squarely on the side of gun owners. Many of us who carry rifles in our cars bought them and their magazines ourselves. We have no sympathy for anti gun proposals. When the President has an event ans there are line level cops standing behind him, they have been ordered to attend and if you look close, they are unarmed. The feds don’t trust us around him with a loaded gun any more than they do anyone else. Police Chiefs are appointed and if its a liberal town, they will toe the party line to keep their jobs. The true bell weather on how local LEOs feel are elected Sheriffs and most of them around the country (even in Madison WI) are solidly behind gun owners.

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