It’s Too Hard For Women To Use AR-15s

4 thoughts on “It’s Too Hard For Women To Use AR-15s

  1. Carolyn “shoulder thing that goes up” McCarthy is so daft that she can’t form a coherent sentence.
    The AR-15, by virtue of its small yet effective round, and thus its low recoil, is ideal for women to use for self-defense.
    With women now going into combat, that will be creating yet another class of military veterans who will be denied the use of a semiauto only, civilian rifle that is assuringly similar to the one that they used in the military.
    Governor Cuomo raped the rights of New York veterans overnight with his disgraceful, unconstitutional gun ban. That must not be allowed to be repeated on the national level. We owe our veterans a debt that cannot be repaid. We should at least allow them their constitutional rights. To do otherwise is unconscionable and un-American.

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  3. The second rifle-type gun I ever handled was an AR-15. The first thing I did was strip it down (per written instructions). then I assembled it, loaded it and fired it. None of it was hard.

    The first rifle-type gun I ever handled was my husband’s pellet gun – I couldn’t even break it open to load the one single pellet.

    Yep, AR-15s are EASIER for this woman to handle than a pellet gun!

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