Aborn is out of touch with reality

I found this exchange between Manahattan DA candidates Cyrus Vance and Richard Aborn over at City Hall:

“… Vance and Aborn sparred on who was best suited to upgrade the office, with Aborn trying to tie Vance to the way Morgenthau ran the office and Vance attempting to paint Aborn as out of touch because he has not actually tried a case in court in years. Aborn acknowledged that he had not tried a case since the early 1990s … Aborn disputed that he was out of touch with the courtroom. “I never thought that working on gun violence would be irrelevant to the work of the district attorney,” Aborn said incredulously …”

Right Dick. God forbid a candidate for DA actually have some experience trying criminal cases, as opposed to your spending the past 15 years or so as the mouthpiece for fringe special interests like Handgun Control, Inc. and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.  How exactly does your experience with either of them lend itself to the role of DA?

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