Micorstamping bill A-1157B pased the Assembly by an unofficial vote of 79-52 after roughly 2.5 hours of debate.  The Assembly’s web server overloaded early on as people tried watching the live feed. Michelle Schimel had to be reprimanded twice by acting speaker Peter Rivera for her near hysterical behavior when questioned by Marc Butler and Dan Burling.  Archived copies of the floor discussion should be available online in the next few days along with the final vote sheet.

3 Responses to “79-52”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Do they have the votes to pass it in the Senate?

  2. admin Says:

    I don’t see them taking it up.

  3. Microstamping Passes New York Assembly | Shall Not Be Questioned Says:

    […] I’m wondering if The Freedom Group is regretting expanding and consolidating their manufacturi…. It was a foolish move to expand operations in a state where the legislature is outwardly hostile to gun rights and the gun business. The bill covers all guns manufactured or delivered in the State of New York. I have said a purpose of our opponents is to find ways to get gun owners like you and me thrown in prison. This bill is a treasure trove: Section 4 of the bill amends subdivision 6 of section 265.10 of the penal law to clarify that the existing class D felony offense of defacing a firearm includes the defacement of a microstamping component or mechanism of a semiautomatic pistol. […]

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