Santorum’s turn

Fresh of his three primary wins, it looks like it’s Rick Santorum’s turn to be the anti-Romney candidate.  Like those before him, he’s going for the gun vote too.  The NSSF reports, “Santorum ‘Stands Tall’ for 2nd Amendment at NSSF Member Range“:

“… Rick Santorum demonstrated his strong support for the individual right to keep and bear arms by visiting H&H Shooting Sports Complex in Oklahoma City en route to a rally today … During his pre-rally visit at H&H, Santorum said, “I wish we could have had it here, this would have been perfect.”  He added, “I am very impressed.  It is easy to see why gun ownership is so strong here, and I stand tall with the Second Amendment.” …”

2 Responses to “Santorum’s turn”

  1. Chas Says:

    Seems that if Romney gets the nomination, Santorum as VP would make a good firewall for the Second Amendment. If we can’t get first place, we can take second and work from there.
    I remember VP Gore casting the deciding vote on the Clinton AWB. We don’t need any more of that.
    SCOTUS nominations aside, a first-term-looking-to-get-a-second-term Republican would be much more accountable to the electorate than a second-term Obama. Obama has been arrogant and aloof enough in his first-term without the nearly complete unaccountability of a second term. That approach to selling a Republican candidate might well resonate with independent voters who would prefer a candidate who they could pass judgment on again in 4 years, instead of the incumbent who would become unaccountable to them for 4 years.
    A carte blanche second-term for Obama might have considerably less appeal to independents than a candidate who has to ask permission to govern again in four years.

  2. Gray Peterson Says:

    Santorum is entirely and totally un-electable. If Santorum wins the Republican Convention, Obama will win every state except for a few scattered states in the south. Women overwhelmingly will not vote for someone who says they must be forced to carry a rapist’s baby to term, or most especially prevent them from using prophylactic contraception or the pill. Appeals to protect the Second Amendment, or to “help fix the economy”, will not work when they are threatened with a government gun in their face if they pop that pill preventing all pregnancy. It also will not be able to be overturned. Whether it be the federal government doing so, or allowing states to do so, the circumstances do not matter. Santorum wins or gets a VP slot, Obama wins in a Reagan style landslide.

    I also will not vote, as a Washington State voter, for a president or a VP who seeks to allow states to overturn Lawrence v. Texas. I will vote for Gary Johnson first. Santorum is anti-liberty.

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