Common sense and regionally varied restrictions

Some more on Schumer’s hunting trip from WNBC Ch.4:

“… The hunting story became legend in the Senate last month after Nelson passed photographs of the orange-clad, gun-toting Harvard grad, dead bird in hand, around an amused caucus lunch. But it also belongs in the broader legend of Schumer, the political animal par excellence.  “Chuck always wants to know where the other guy is coming from,” said Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) …”

There is no way he could have said that with a straight face.

“… His work on the Brady Bill’s handgun restriction turned him into, literally, a National Rifle Association poster child. The NRA’s favorite image pictures Schumer grinning under bright blue earmuffs as he demonstrates the deadliness of a stubby assault weapon. “He just must have needed Nelson’s vote very badly to do that,” said Tom King, the president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, who called Schumer “patently anti-gun.” …”

He did need Nelson’s vote really, really badly.

“… Schumer says, however, that he favors only common sense and regionally varied restrictions on guns, and he has long bragged of winning, at summer camp, an NRA sharpshooting prize with a .22 rifle …”

Common sense = New York City-style gun laws.  He does brag about his shooting medal too whenever he feels it would score him some political points.  For some reason, though, he doesn’t brag about when as State Assemblyman he voted to gut the Sullivan Act and make all of New York (and New York City) right to carry.  I have the vote sheet of him doing that.

“… “It surprised me he went out with Ben Nelson shooting, but it doesn’t surprise me that he shot a couple of birds,” said Jim Kessler, a former Schumer aide who later founded Americans for Gun Safety, a gun control group that was later folded into the group Third Way. “In 1994, if Chuck thought the way to win the assault weapons ban vote was to go out and hunt with [former Democratic Rep.] Bill Brewster of Oklahoma and shoot three birds, he would have done it.” …”

Believe it.

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7 thoughts on “Common sense and regionally varied restrictions

  1. Jacob,

    Am I reading your post correctly? I think it says that Chuck voted to make all of NY right to carry when he was in the Assembly.

  2. “chuckie” schumer’s posiion on guns is perfectly clear, “guns for me, but not for thee”, but having seen the pic of him firing what looks to be an automatic weapon i’m not all that sure “chuckie” should be allowed near any sort of dangerous weapon, down to, and including a steak knife. does anyone know if his new york state pistol permit is still in effect?

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