That doesn’t mean we want you

Now that Rudy is gone:

“… Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld, who is exploring a run, said this morning that “clearly the landscape has changed” with Giuliani out of the race … Feld said Giuliani’s decision will offer her more of an opportunity to meet with Republican leaders. She met recently with Republicans in Washington D.C. to discuss her candidacy …”

Rudy’s exit does not mean New Yorkers want another antigun RINO running in his stead.

“… She said the electorate wants strong leadership …”

Which Feld very clearly demonstrated does not include her especially not after her humiliating 2-1 defeat in last year’s race for State Senate.

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8 thoughts on “That doesn’t mean we want you

  1. Look at the weak downstate anti Second Amendment Republican contenders. Then add them to the fact that there is a strong Democratic majority in our state. It will become apparent that we have to become a force within the Democratic Party so that we can affect their agenda. For it is in their direction that this state will move.

  2. OK skip Feld. Now name a pro Second Amendment Republican with a real chance to be elected governor in NYS.

  3. Amen. And with so many of them being anti Second Amendment that might not be a bad thing.

    Back to my first comment.

  4. Guns aren’t the issue. The problem is the GOP does not have any up and coming younger candidates ready to step up to the plate. Pataki did not want anyone stealing his limelight and they are paying for that now.

  5. How is Pataki who has been out for several years affecting the weak anti Second Amendment NY Republican party?

    BTW I’m not a Democrat.

  6. Guns aren’t the issue. There simply aren’t any Republicans ready to step up and run for Gov. That is the problem.

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