Liz Feld returns

Another RINO who won’t go away, Liz Feld, is in the news:

“… Liz Feld, the Republican mayor of Larchmont and a former White House aide, is strongly considering running for Senate against Gillibrand next year, according to people who have spoken with her. She has discussed the idea with Republican officials, including state chair Ed Cox, and taken preliminary steps toward mounting a campaign …”

Feld is a flaming antigunner.  She promoted the Million Mom March in Westchester back in 2000 and when she ran for State Senate last year she made it a point to include a campaign statement that she supports New Yorks gun laws.

“… Feld, who is pro-choice and describes herself as a moderate, is seen by many Republicans as one of the party’s most talented prospects …”

And that is the problem with the state GOP.

“… She won considerable praise within Republican circles last year for mounting a spirited challenge to State Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer …”

Spirited? She challenged a backbencher and was blown out of the water 2-1 on election day.

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One thought on “Liz Feld returns

  1. Also heard that a Tennesean named Ford may challenge Gillibrand. And Jon Cooper from Suffolk County as well.

    Perhaps she isn’t perceived as a true liberal despite:
    – Teaming with Schumer, Bloomberg and McCarthy to push more gun
    control legislation.
    – Campaigning for/voting to confirm the Wise Latina.
    – Voting to restore taxpayer funds to ACORN.
    – Voting against national carry reciprocity.
    – Not signing the Amicus brief in the Second Amendment incorporation case.

    Is she liberal enough for you?

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