Otsego says no more gun control

The Ostego Co. legislature voted in favor of a resolution advising state lawmakers not to adopt more gun control laws:

“… Rep. James Johnson, R-Otsego, said the nation’s founders had considered the right to bear arms “second in importance only to freedom of speech.”  Then he read part of the Second Amendment to his colleagues …”

Good for him.  He gets it.  Unfortunately, not all of his colleagues do.

“… Richard Murphy, D-Oneonta … Murphy said he believed the measures were “designed to target handguns and illegal guns,” not to restrict hunters. Handguns should be banned because they are implicated in many murders, Murphy said …”

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3 thoughts on “Otsego says no more gun control

  1. I love my county. But it looks like we have a few board members who are clueless.
    The best part in that was when Murphy said handguns should be banned, Betty Anne whipped out her pistol permit.

  2. Upon hearing the hunters not affected excuse you know this person will NEVER live up to his oath of office whereby he swears to uphold the Constitution which includes all the rights in the Bill of Rights.

    How soon can he be voted out of the legislature? To have maximum effect the reason therefore should be made public.

  3. They were all just voted in in November. So another two years. I encourage all Otsego County residents to remember this vote.

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