Brady’s coming up short

In the latest notice from the Brady Campaign, they admit they don’t have the votes to block H.R. 822 in the Senate:

“I just wanted to update you on the “Packing Heat on Your Street” bill that is moving through Congress. Last Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed this deadly bill. The bill now moves to the Senate and we are very close to securing the votes needed to defeat it …”

That means they don’t have it now.  This is why Chuck Schumer hasn’t been his usual smug self lately.



2 thoughts on “Brady’s coming up short

  1. “Packing Heat on Your Street”? The Batty Campaign never has a problem with government agents doing that, but they always have a problem with private citizens doing it. Why is that? Is that because they got co-opted by the leftist, statist, socialist, communist, totalitarian, anti-American, Marxist, call it whatever you please, political left, because that’s where they get their stinking money from?

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