Assault on Weapons

Alan Gottlieb just sent me a copy of his book, “Assault on Weapons: The Campaign to Eliminate Your Guns.” Since it was free, I’ll plug it.  It came in today’s mail so I haven’t read it, but it looks like something that would be useful for someone doing a school report on gun control.  Here are the chapter titles:

  1. A Philosophy of Hatred and Fear
  2. ‘Nobody Needs an Ak-47’
  3. Extremist Groups and Media Complicity
  4. Punishing the Innocent
  5. Legal, Political and Social Hypocrisy
  6. Right to Carry Hysteria
  7. The Process of Demonization
  8. The Campaign of Litigation
  9. The Myth of ‘Reasonable Regulation’
  10. Regaining Lost Gun Rights
  11. A Looming Battle of Philosophy
  12. The Insidious Drumbeat for ‘Tigher gun Laws’
  13. Demonization and Hope
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