What could possibly go wrong?

Coming soon to polling sites in Chicago and Florida, “Hacking Deibold voting machines with $10.50 worth of parts“:

“… The Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argone National Laboratory in Illinois just released information about a man-in-the-middle exploit that can change votes while leaving no trace of the attack. “$10.50 worth of parts and an 8th grade science education” can do the trick, along with access to the physical machine. For an additional few dollars, a remote control unit can access the hacked voting machine from up to a half mile away. Changes are made when the user pushes the “vote now” button …”

The machine I voted on scanned a paper card so this might not affect New York.

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One thought on “What could possibly go wrong?

  1. I think it’s the ‘access to the physical machine’ part that ends a lot of this. Unless the people setting up the machine, or the people watching it at the polling place, let someone screw with it, not gonna happen.

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