Excuse me while I whip this out

Despite the heavy Democrat enrollment advantage, the race to fill Anthony Weiner’s Congressional seat is quite close according to the latest poll with Democrat David Weprin leading Republican Bob Turner by 6%.

On RKBA issues, Turner is an unknown.  His main attract is that he is not Weprin, who earned an F based upon his record in both the Clown Council and State Assembly.

The one time Weprin tried taking up the gun issue was when he was in the Clown Council and wanted to prohibit toy guns on the grounds that criminals paint them black and use them to commit crimes.  Weprin felt the need to do some grandstanding and called a press conference.  Not content to simply stand there and bullshit the media about an issue nobody cares about, Weprin decided a live action demonstration was in order.  He had hidden a fully loaded water pistol down the front of his pants.  At the appropriate time it was his intention to pull it out, dramatically proving his point.

Problem was the gun had gotten caught up with his gentleman’s sausage.  When he reached in to pull the toy out, it discharged it’s load of H2O down the front of his pants in full view of the assembled media.  Any normal person would have been embarrassed, but Weprin comes from a family of professional politicians and kept right on going.  He even reintroduced the bill the next year, although he decided to forgo with the theatrics.

Weprin is a career politician who got in based upon his father’s name and has pretty much coasted along without doing much of anything important.  He doesn’t even live in the district.  If elected he’ll reliably vote antigun, although I doubt he’d be at the forefront of the issue.


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