Helmke bows out

Today is the last day for Paul Helmke at the Brady Campaign.  Despite suffering major defeats in the court and an inability to move an agenda in Congress and most of the states, Helmke insists the antis will win in the end.  A successor has not been named yet.  I don’t think Colin Goddard will be it.  He’s a bit young and I don’t believe he has the management skills necessary to run their operation.

In any event, Paul decides to leave us laughing with these closing remarks:

… “I am not trying to ban all guns,” he said. “I don’t want to take everyone’s guns away. I’m not anti-gun. And I’m constantly having to say Brady doesn’t mean we are going to disarm everybody …” …

2 thoughts on “Helmke bows out

  1. Markie Marxist sez: “Of course, we’re not trying to ban all guns! We are not trying to take away everyone’s guns! That’s ridiculous! Our Marxist/warrior/hero/government agents will need plenty of guns when we have them hunt down private gun owners and we want them to have all the guns they need! We never try to ban the government‘s guns!”
    “My commie compadre, Comrade Helmke, is also correct when he says that we’re not anti-gun. We like guns! We want plenty of guns! Just as long as they’re only in the hands of our government agent, Marxist surrogates in the police and the military, just the way that Comrade Dukakis once said it should be.”
    “Comrade Helmke is again telling the truth when he says Brady doesn’t mean they’re going disarm everybody – we only want to disarm private gun owners – they‘re the only gun owners we‘ve ever tried to disarm. So you see, my Marxist amigo, Comrade Helmke, is a veritable beacon of truth, is he not? You’d be very hard pressed to find a more honest man, would you not? Ha! Ha! Case closed! Ha! Ha!”

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