Defining moment for Scaturro

Frank Scaturro is planning on making another run against Carolyn McCarthy next year.  The New Hyde Park Patch has this interesting tidbit in a story about his campaign kickoff:

“… One of McCarthy’s big issues has been gun safety.  Scaturro believes in the constitutional right to bear arms and that people have the right to have something for their self defense.  He understands though that the general public doesn’t need machine guns that could cause a lot of damage and is sensitive to gun safety after having been robbed at gunpoint recently …”

I don’t know if this comes from direct quote from his campaign or just the editor writing their interpretation of his position, but this statement is pure BS.

Historically, McCarthy’s opponents have been cannon fodder who didn’t put much effort into their campaigns.  On guns, they were either as bad as McCarthy herself or nearly so and all did their best to avoid the issue.  This makes sense to a degree as McCarthy is a single issue candidate and owns the antigun position.  Now with Scaturro himself being a victim of violent crime I don’t see how he can avoid dealing with the RKBA directly.  He’s either going to have to publicly come out 100% gun rights or 100% gun bigot.

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