Special elections Tuesday

There are special elections this Tuesday in Monroe and Suffolk counties that give us an opportunity to engage in political activity.

In Rochester, there is a 3-way race for Mayor between former Mayor Bill Johnson, Democrat nominee Tom Richards and Green Party candidate Alex White.  Johnson is not our friend.  Having lost the Democrat nomination to Richards he is running on the Independence and WFP lines.  Normally not having major party backing would be enough to doom a campaign, however, Johnson has name recognition and at least some union support so it is conceivable that he could win as turnout is always very low for special elections.  It is worth the effort for gunnies to show up and vote against Johnson.

In Suffolk, Martin Haley is running for county legislature in the Brookhaven district.  He previously served in the county legislature from ’96 – ’03.  During his tenure he helped to improve the pistol licensing process.  For this reason he has NYSRPA’s endorsement.

As with all elections, vote early, vote often and vote gun rights.