Bad pick for FBI chief

Chuck Schumer is pushing to have NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly take over as FBI chief when Robert Mueller retires later this year.

Not good.  Kelly is antigun and often acts as Mayor Bloomberg’s puppet on the issue.

One thought on “Bad pick for FBI chief

  1. Markie Marxist sez: “There’s nothing wrong with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly taking over the FBI. He’s been one of the finest commie stooges we’ve ever had. I’m sure that as head of the FBI, he would continue to help advance our Marxist gun ban agenda, and inflict abuse on law-abiding gun owners, while completely ignoring the Second Amendment, just as he has done as Police Commissioner. It‘s just common communist sense for him to run the FBI. Then we can really stick it to our political enemies, America’s law-abiding gun owners! Just ask my commie compadre, Senator Schumer.”

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