COBIS passes 300K mark

Last figures from CoBIS:  As of last December 303,441 shell casings have been entered into the system.  Number of crimes solved because of it: 0.

2 thoughts on “COBIS passes 300K mark

  1. The money that is wasted on CoBIS every year is more than enough to accomplish something that is actually worthwhile, like reopening the state museum on Sundays.

  2. Arthritis is extremely painful. How would senior citizens in New York state feel about that $4 million that is wasted by mismanagement on CoBIS every year, if they knew that it could be used instead for arthritis research, or more directly, to subsidize the cost of their arthritis medications?
    There is a price to be paid for mismanaging tax dollars by wasting them on gratuitously abusing gun owners, and anti-gun rights politicians should pay that price at the polls on election day.
    Money is getting tight in New York, and the political price of wasting it is going up.

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