Gun control is going nowhere

All the PSH from the antigunners over the Arizona massacre is not going to amount to anything.  There is simply no public or political support for more gun control.

Look who is going to carry new antigun legislation: Carolyn McCarthy in the House and Frank Lautenberg in the Senate.  Neither of these two are what I’d consider movers and shakers.  McCarthy is a single issue hack.  Lautenberg is fossil, well past his prime.  What are the  powerbrokers doing?

Despite the efforts of the lamestream media outlets to suppress the facts, the story about an armed citizen who ran to help but got there a little late is getting out.  There is also a backlash forming against the old media for their blatantly biased coverage.

Reality is starting to set in for the antis.  They are simply not going to get away with exploiting this tragedy for political gain.

2 Responses to “Gun control is going nowhere”

  1. Chas Says:

    Leftist, pothead protégé of Democrat sheriff shoots pro-gun rights Congresswoman and murders Republican judge.
    Sheriff puts blame on Rush Limbaugh, also First and Second Amendments.

  2. Where We Are | Snowflakes in Hell Says:

    […] UPDATE: I think Jacob’s read is correct too. […]

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