Bloomberg making noise again

Mayor Mike is looking for some attention again.  MAIG just released a report titled, “Blueprint for Federal Action on Illegal Guns.”  It looks like they’re largely repackaging their same old ideas to keep their issues in the media.  I don’t see this going anywhere.  Neither Congress nor Obama have any desire to take up any gun control schemes right now.

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One thought on “Bloomberg making noise again

  1. Gloomberg makes a rather dour Pied Piper, but he functions as such nonetheless. Gloomie lures out of obscurity, 450 mayors with anti-gun rights inclinations. He then delivers that list to every gun rights organization in the country, including the powerful NRA, along with a 51-page, anti-gun rights manifesto that his stooges have tacitly endorsed by their membership in MAIG. Santa Claus has come early for the NRA this year.
    I can hear the conversation now:
    Bloomberg: “How about if I give you a list of 450 of the most anti-gun rights mayors in America?”
    NRA: “That would be useful, but we’d still have to be able to show that they were against gun rights.”
    Bloomberg: “Okay, how about I have them all join an anti-gun rights organization with their names on a public list as members?”
    NRA: “We could work with that, but we’d still have to have evidence that it was an anti-gun rights organization.”
    Bloomberg: “How about a 51-page anti-gun rights manifesto? That enough documentation for you?”
    NRA: “Who are you, Santa Claus?”
    Bloomberg: “No, I’m just an egomaniac who craves the limelight. You will make a big fuss about me, won‘t you?”

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