Learn from Aborn & Yassky

Aborn’s and Yassky’s defeats show some important points which will help us down the line:

  1. Gun control isn’t a winning issue even in NYC.  Both candidates made guns a central issue in their campaigns and it did not help either of them one bit.  NYC Democrats had a clear choice between the gun control candidate and someone else.  They choose the someone else.
  2. There’s no money in gun control.  Aborn got a whopping $1000 from the Brady’s, Yassky got nothing.  This is insignificant in races which cost millions of dollars.
  3. There is no grassroots in gun control.  Where were the GOTV efforts from NYAGV?  Mailings, advertisements, signs, phone banks?  I didn’t see any of that.
  4. We can play in races anywhere in the state.  Most of the gun control bills in Albany are sponsored by NYC Democrats who do not think we can touch them in their districts.  This proves them wrong.

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