Legislative update

A-10194, Makes it illegal for certain persons to possess or sell a pistol converter or a converted pistol, has been introduced as a companion to S-9225.

Assembly Codes agenda for Tuesday, May 14 @ 11:00am:

  • A-8085, Permits those licensed to carry or possess a pistol or revolver or to purchase or take possession of a semi-automatic rifle or licensed to hunt wildlife to purchase or take possession of ammunition without requiring contacting the statewide license and record database.
  • A-8185, Repeals certain provisions establishing a fee for background checks on certain firearm and ammunition purchases; removes such fees as a source of funds for the background check fund.

Assembly EnCon agenda for Tuesday, May 14 @ 12:00pm:

  • A-10113, Extends provisions authorizing big game hunting in Albany county until October 1, 2026.

Senate Consumer Protection agenda for Tuesday, May 14 @ 10:30am:

  • S-8479, Requires issuers of credit and debit cards to use certain merchant category codes for firearm and ammunition dealers.

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