Everytown staffer running for Assembly

Found this useful nugget of information at the Columbia Daily Spectator:

“The Columbia University Democrats hosted a New York State Assembly District 69 candidate forum on Wednesday, allowing candidates in the competitive race to share their platform with students and Columbia community members … [Melissa Rosenberg] said her platform draws upon her background as a policy analyst with the Supportive Housing Network of New York and nationwide gun violence prevention with Everytown for Gun Safety. For Rosenberg, these crises will not disappear or be remedied with incremental changes. “I think we need to see more bold changes,” Rosenberg said. “And I’d be one to advocate for that wholeheartedly.” …”

Victory in this race shall be defined as Rosenberg losing.  Any of the other candidates winning is better than her.

We can narrow it down a bit more, though:

“… [Micah Lasher], who grew up on the Upper West Side and previously served as the Director of Policy for the State of New York under Gov. Kathy Hochul, highlighted his efforts to enact gun safety laws following mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde …”

A big victory shall be defined as both Rosenberg and Lasher losing.

This is no way should be construed to mean that either of the other declared candidates are much better on gun rights. However, these two bigots have expended much personal effort to deny citizens their rights and need to lose.

2A advocates should not sit out this race which will effectively be decided in the June Democrat primary.